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Embroidery in the World of Fashion

  • by Ольга Туржанская
Embroidery in the World of Fashion

Embroidery on clothes has been known since ancient times. It was a must-have item and became a fashion element. Now embroidery is at its peak of popularity. And it will not lose ground. Because this element undoubtedly gives individuality to clothes.

Embroidery as an Art Form

Embroidery clothes has always been a piece of art at any time and aroused genuine respect. Its origin goes back to ancient times. Once, it was regarded as a pleasant hobby for women. Today it is widely used by modern designers and customizers. It takes months to create hand embroidery for runway outfits. Therefore, such clothes is of significant value in the fashion world.

Every embroidery item obtains a specific identity because they are produced in a single copy. Casual clothes and home textiles with embroidery testify to their owner's originality and ability to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, embroidery makes ordinary things unique and eye-catching.

Embroidery has always stayed in style. According to the designers, these ornaments allow people to escape plainness and simplicity. 

The most outstanding fashion houses demonstrate embroidery pieces on the runway. They use floral and vintage images on various items, from T-shirts to coats. Embroidery is placed on different fabrics:

  • denim,
  • silk,
  • cotton,
  • wool,
  • leather, etc.

It is embroidered with other threads: colored, gold, and silver, with sequins and precious stones. Weave pearls, lace, and glass beads.

New Reading of Embroidery

Representatives of high fashion often wonder what the essence of vogue is. For example creative director Dior believes in reimagining a better tomorrow and mixing different cultures. Thus, the central element of the Dior couture show was not exquisite outfits but the background - floor-to-ceiling works of art by the Ukrainian artist Trofimenko. She created canvases for the decoration of the hall, where the fashion show of designer Maria Grazia Chiuri took place.

Her works decorated the backdrop along which models were going on the runway in front of visitors. All her canvases were embroidered with hands. They were created by Chanakaya School of Craft in Mumbai. 

Types of Ornaments

When embroidery had ethnic or religious significance, the ornament spoke about a person's residence, marital status, social status, and profession. Today it is a beautiful decoration of clothing products that adds individuality. Designers use different technologies for embroidery:

  • Handmade. Made by hand (satin, cross stitch, beads, ribbons, lace, pearl). Things ornamented with hand embroidery are of the most outstanding value.
  • Machine-made. Special devices apply patterns to the fabric. Thus, various designs are embroidered in the industrial production of clothing. But there is no uniqueness and unusual drawings.
  • Computer-designed. This is an ultra-modern way of embroidery. Features of the pattern are entered into the computer's memory, after which the pattern is applied to the fabric.

Variety of Patterns

Designers apply embroidery to products depending on the type of clothing:

  • Flying dresses, summer blouses, and sundresses are decorated with flowers and floral images. The pattern can be placed on the pocket, the hem of an embroidery dress or skirt, shirt collar.
  • On outfits in casual style the animal world, geometric ornaments, sometimes cartoon characters, and fairy-tale characters are used. The best place for such embroidery will be the lapel of a jacket, a pocket of a blouse or jeans, or a dress belt.
  • Monograms are suitable for business and office items. It can be a small embroidery on the collar, shirt cuffs, lapel, or jacket pocket.

Embroidered evening and wedding dresses are also worth mentioning. Such outfits can be garnished with significant elements like pearls, beads, and laces.

Remember that embroidery can decorate not only clothes but also accessories: textile bags, scarves, and neckerchiefs, gloves. Such detail can completely change the image and make it memorable and unique.